Modern PVC Wall panel design for Bedroom

PVC wall panel

When it comes to the inside of our homes, many individuals make an effort to stay on trend with the most recent style in interior design in order to ensure that their homes are aesthetically appealing. The PVC design for bedroom as use of interior wall panelling has become so widespread that it has supplanted … continue reading

Golden temple Vellore (Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden temple)

Golden temple Vellore (Sripuram golden temple)

Once known for its Vellore Christian Medical College, the city of Vellore in the Indian state of Tamilnadu is now mostly known as a pilgrimage destination owing to the Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple that is located there. Contents1 Vellore golden temple1.1 Where is Golden temple Vellore2 Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden temple Architecture3 How to Reach3.1 … continue reading

Modern Main Door Designs for Home

Modern Main Door Design

There are now available on the market a number of different design concepts from which you may pick the ideal main door design for your house. When there are so many different options to pick from, it might seem like an almost difficult job. You have a number of options available to you when it … continue reading

Bathroom Door- A Detailed Guide in choosing one

Bathroom Door

We are all aware of the value that bathrooms play in a home. These damp regions are also the most ignored when it comes to the design of the space and the furnishings. Although many individuals still use standard wooden doors for the bathroom, with time the appearance of these doors deteriorates, becoming mouldy and … continue reading

False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design

Contents1 False Ceiling1.1 What is the purpose of the false ceiling?1.2 Advantages of False ceilings1.3 Disadvantages of False ceilings2 False Ceiling Design2.1 False ceiling Design based on Material2.1.1 Gypsum false ceiling design2.1.2 POP false ceiling design2.1.3 Wood false ceiling design2.1.4 Fibre false ceiling design2.1.5 Metal false ceiling design2.1.6 Glass false ceiling design2.1.7 PVC false ceiling … continue reading

Vernacular Architecture: How It’s Different From Modern Architecture

Vernacular Architecture

Contents1 What is Vernacular Architecture1.1 Anatomy of a Vernacular Structure 2 The History of Vernacular Architecture3 What is Modern Architecture?3.1 Why Is It an Issue?4 Differentiation Between Vernacular Architecture and Modern Architecture5 Vernacular Building Methods5.1 Vernacular Architecture in Different Cultures6 Why Vernacular Architecture is Important6.1 The Importance of Vernacular Architecture in the Future7 Examples of … continue reading

Modern Parapet Wall Designs, Construction & Uses

5 Types of Parapet Wall- Purpose, Construction & Uses

Contents1 Parapet wall1.1 The Significance of Parapet Walls1.2 Materials needed to design a parapet1.3 Use of Parapet wall2 Parapet wall design2.1 Parapet wall construction2.2 Height of a parapet wall2.3 Installations for the parapets2.4 Different types of designs for a parapet wall3 Types of parapet walls3.1 Plain Parapet Walls3.2 Perforated Parapet Walls3.3 Embattled Parapet Walls3.4 Paneled Parapet … continue reading

Gypsum board: Ceiling and other applications in Construction

Gypsum board: Ceiling and other applications in Construction

Contents1 What is Gypsum?1.1 Application of Gypsum in the construction industry1.2 What is the role of gypsum in cement?2 Gypsum board2.1 Properties of Gypsum Board as a Building Material3 Synthetic Gypsum Board3.1 Decorative gypsum board4 Conclusion What is Gypsum? The mineral known as gypsum is a soft sulphate that is made up of calcium sulphate … continue reading

Stamped Concrete- Patio Ideas, Cost, benefits, Process & patterns

What is Stamped Concrete- Patio Ideas, Cost, Process, patterns

Contents1 Stamped concrete1.1 Benefits of stamped concrete?1.2 How to get stamped concrete done for your home?1.3 The Stamped Concrete Process1.3.1 Planning and preparation1.3.2 Preparing the surface1.3.3 Mixing and pouring the concrete1.3.4 Maintaining the stamped concrete2 Stamped Concrete Patio2.1 Designing and building patio of Stamped concrete2.2 What are the benefits of a stamped concrete patio?2.3 What … continue reading