Single floor house design

modern single floor house design

There are many reasons to love single floor house designs. For one, they are incredibly convenient and easy to navigate. There is no need to worry about stairs, and all the living spaces are typically located on one level for easy accessibility. Additionally, single floor designs can be extremely stylish and modern, making them a … continue reading

False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. It may be used to conceal ductwork, wiring, or other unsightly elements, and can also help to improve the acoustics of a room. False ceiling design can include gypsum board and other materials including plaster, metal, and wood that can … continue reading

Selecting A Good Architecture Thesis Topic

A good architecture Thesis (Topic selection)

What is Architectural Thesis? An Architectural thesis is about presenting ideas, research, and findings for an academic degree by candidature, combining their entire learning in the last five years that they learned in different semesters from the first day to the last semester— looking at and formulating it so that to can convert into a … continue reading

What is GFRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete?

Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

GFRC The latest and modern requirements for construction and detailed design of modern houses, all kinds of infrastructure facilities, and improvement of urban areas require enormous architectural expressiveness and the greatest attractiveness of the facades of buildings under reconstruction and under construction. This greatly increases the comfort of housing and the very functionality of the living environment of … continue reading