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Simple Indian middle class living room interior designs

Ishani Kara
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The simple Indian middle class living room interior is one of the most welcoming environments in the whole house. At least it should be, because it is where we entertain ourselves, we spend countless moments with our family, in addition to being very welcome when receiving visitors.

But we also know that creating an inviting atmosphere requires careful attention to detail, layout, and consistency of absolutely everything you find there. That’s why the decor exists. It is through its concepts that we can transform simple objects and their sets into something harmonious, capable of transmitting feelings and sensations, making it much more cozy and receptive.

For you looking for inspiration for simple Indian middle class living room trends in 2022, today we are going to point out a series of amazing concepts that can revitalize and enrich the atmosphere of your home.

Indian middle class living room

The trends for living room decoration are getting more modern, sophisticated, and elegant every day. And to achieve these results, the most famous contemporary designers seek to mix the rigid vestiges of tradition with irreverence and casualness, thus creating modern, elegant and exclusive environments. Lahore Smart City is the best example of this. Here are some of the Indian middle class living room interior designs.

In other words, they play by the rules to a certain extent and break the rules for others, creating highlights in exotic elements that were previously not common in that particular style of decor. It is precisely there that the news and trends emerge that dictate the new paths, showing that it is not necessary to be a professional in the area to be able to create the best combinations. Or if!

Frames Complementary Colors

Frames Complementary Colors for living room
Frames Complementary Colors

The colors are also intense, but it all depends on your style and your goal. In the example above, the bet of colours was made in the decorative frames, while the sofas contrast with the concept of complementary colours – one of the fundamentals of the decoration. The paintings do not follow a certain pattern, and this makes the scenario much more showy, dynamic, and relaxed, something quite biased. Not to mention the mirror on the back wall, which causes a feeling of amplitude, leaving the room more lit and “open“.

Small Rooms, Earthy Colors, and Analogous Colors

Small living Rooms, Earthy Colors, and Analogous Colors for living rooms
Small Rooms, Earthy Colors, and Analogous Colors for living rooms

As you can see, each environment presents its capabilities, following the taste of those who live there. In the example above, you can see that they like more elegant and modern furniture, easier-to-clean floors and cleaner walls, with only one frame. The result is a wider and more minimalist space. If they preferred, they could have opted for a canvas or a set of them instead of the frame. The result would also be beautiful and bold. 

As the space is small, filling the walls can cause the opposite sensation, which is less space, resulting in a kind of “warm coziness”. The yellow details of the pillow, together with the earthy tones of the sofa and rug, break the seriousness of the environment to make it more inviting. The concept of applied colours was that of analogous colours.

Half-Complementary Colors and Many Cushions

Half-Complementary Colors and Many Cushions for living room
Half-Complementary Colors and Many Cushions for the living room

This image represents many of the modern rooms we see around us: beautiful, relaxed, and welcoming. In this case, we opted for more coloured pillows on the sofa in order to break up some of the sobriety that the half-complementary colours of the setting (blue, brown, and yellow) provide. Note that on the pillow covers, you will find prints with similar characteristics, both in shapes and colours, creating communication so that it is possible to dare alongside several different arts.

The paintings, with white frames and mild colours, come in order to support the decoration, which leaves the spotlight on the cozy pillows. 

Breaking Patterns, Minimalism and Elegance

Breaking Patterns, Minimalism and Elegance for living rooms
Breaking Patterns, Minimalism and Elegance for living rooms

Rugs and upholstery are on the rise, and their applications have gained even more versatility. It is possible to use overlapping rugs, as well as to star through them. In the example above, the beaten rug adds charm and comfort to the room. The “pouf table”  follows the trend of earthy and woody colors that decorators and architects invest in so much. 

Simple Indian middle class living room

The typical Indian middle class living room is a simple and functional space. The furniture is usually basic and functional, and the decor is typically minimal. The focus is on comfort and practicality, rather than style or luxury. The living room is often the most important room in the house, as it is where families gather to spend time together. It is also the room where guests are typically entertained. As such, it is important that the living room be a comfortable and welcoming space.

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As you can see, despite the tendency to dictate a direction, it ends up being subdivided into several others, making a pattern never exist. Still, patterns can be worked on top of new patterns. 

Simple with minimal design living room
Simple with minimal design living room

Living room middle class simple interior design

The living room is the heart of the home and should be a reflection of the homeowner’s personal style. A middle class family’s living room might be more simple in design than a wealthy family’s, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as beautiful. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture, some cozy throw blankets, and some personal touches can transform a room into a warm and inviting space.

An example of this is that you like the industrial style decoration, together with the rustic. This combination will certainly yield a unique atmosphere, and that goes for absolutely everything. Every feature of a given decoration can be attributed to a new one and so on, allowing it to have its own taste included in the memorable forms that the decoration has.

Lower class house simple Indian middle class living room

The lower class house is a simple Indian middle class living room. It is usually small, with a few pieces of furniture and simple decor. The floors are usually bare, and the walls are usually white or off-white. There is usually a small window, and the room is lit with a few small lamps. The room is usually clean and tidy, but there is often a feeling of crampedness and simplicity.

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By the way, the aged rug also features trending colours for 2022, such as terracotta and other burnt dark tones. Due to their showiness, they gained space in objects, furniture, and several other items in order to star in scenarios. In the example above, we can see a clean and cold room with black and white paintings, but this sobriety is broken through the earthy “pouf-de-center”  and the green of the plants.

Textures and Mirrors

Textures and Mirrors
Textures and Mirrors

Decorative mirrors have always been part of the decor, but now they are present in every beautiful home. They give sensations of amplitude to the environment, in addition to making it brighter. 

Another trend is the presence of rich textures in various materials, such as the velvet sofa and the worked wood panel. As already mentioned, earthy tones and wooden details tend to be used more and more, and in this example, it was no different. Complementing all this with porcelain or glass ornaments is the final touch that any refined environment demands. 

Monochromatic Rooms and Geometric Shapes

Monochromatic Rooms and Geometric Shapes
Monochromatic Rooms and Geometric Shapes

There are those who enjoy the elegant and minimalist atmosphere that monochromatic rooms can offer. They are based on or present a single colour with small nuances between their shades. However, with the breaking of standards and new trends emerging, it is possible to use this concept with greater flexibility and add delicacy and showiness to your new living room. 

In the example above, sandy and earthy tones make up the entire background of the room, leaving the colours for pieces of great visual impact, such as the metallic structure of the geometric table, avoiding overloading or de-characterizing the monochrome. 

As a curiosity, geometric shapes and objects convey a sense of order, organization, and modernity.

Traditional Indian middle-class living room

The traditional Indian middle class living room is a very special place. It is a place where the family gathers to spend time together and where guests are always welcome. The living room is usually the largest room in the house and is often decorated with beautiful furniture and artwork. The walls are usually painted in a light colour to make the room feel bright and airy.

It may get sometimes challenging for a middle-class family to design or innovate their living room. This is because they may not have the necessary funds to do so. As a result, they may have to take out loans in order to finance the project. However, this can be a risky proposition, as they may end up paying more in interest than they can afford and the complex procedure of a loan. There are platforms like lazypay and its alternatives that provides instant loans for urgent needs with few documents, digital, automated and paperless but it is important for middle class families to carefully consider all of their options before taking out a loan for their home.

The floor is usually covered with a carpet or rug to add comfort and warmth. There is often a TV and a stereo system in the living room so that the family can enjoy entertainment together. The living room is a very important part of the Indian home and is a place where memories are made.

Decorations, in general, are getting more and more modern, elegant and sophisticated. However, living rooms are one of the environments that have evolved the most. With different tapestries, colours, furniture, and other decorative items, parsley has become a major architectural target. Therefore, it is one of the environments that has been most changed and redecorated over the years. In 2022, people are looking for modern and elegant rooms without losing comfort and coziness.

The most used colours to decorate the rooms are neutral, earthy, and similar tones. Leaving the environment more peaceful, receptive, and cozy. Neutral colours allow for a calmer feeling, with more comfort. Being widely used in small rooms to provide a feeling of greater welcome.

What styles are hot in 2022?

One of the greatest styles of room decoration is the minimalist, with a touch of elegance, a lot of charm, and breaking of patterns. The minimalist style consists of the idea of less is more. Therefore, the decoration is done only with necessary items, getting rid of useless objects, furniture, and adornments, in order to maintain a cleaner environment.

Are textures part of room decor in 2022?

Yes, both textures, mirrors, and geometric shapes will be present in living room decorations in 2022. With pieces that often follow the minimalist style, it keeps the room even more modern, versatile, and stripped down.

Come and explore with us right now and make sure the project you’ve always wanted is here! Also, Check out Nova City for ideas on home designs.

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