History Of Architecture Timeline

History Of Architecture Timeline

Contents1 Influences in the Development of Architecture2 Periods of Architectural History3 Prehistoric Architecture3.1 – Cultural stages3.2 – 3 classifications of early known types of architecture4 Egyptian Architecture4.1 – Architectural character:4.2 – Principally designed for4.3 – Influences4.4 – Egyptian gods4.5 – Features4.6 – Structures4.6.1 I. Tombs4.6.2 II. Temples4.6.2.1 Parts of an egyptian temple4.6.3 III. Obelisks4.6.4 IV. … continue reading

Selecting A Good Architecture Thesis Topic

A good architecture Thesis (Topic selection)

Contents1 What is Architectural Thesis?1.1 What defines a good thesis?2 Selection of Thesis topic2.1 Narrow down the Selection3 How to find an existing issue?4 Future Scope What is Architectural Thesis? An Architectural thesis is about presenting ideas, research, and findings for an academic degree by candidature, combining their entire learning in the last five years … continue reading

Artificial stone: How it is utilised in building construction?

Special properties of Artificial Stone

Contents1 What is Artificial Stone2 Artificial stone tabletop3 Artificial stone flooring4 Conclusion What is Artificial Stone Artificial stone is a material that is made to look like natural stone. It is often used in construction and decoration. There are many types of artificial stone, and each has its own unique properties. Some types of artificial … continue reading

What is GFRC: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete?

Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Contents1 GFRC2 The Benefits of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete2.1 GFRC is a more lightweight alternative to precast concrete.2.2 When compared to precast concrete, GFRC is simpler to cut.2.3 GFRC is capable of providing a quicker turnaround time than precast concrete.2.4 Large steel casting tables are not necessary for the majority of GFRC applications.2.5 In comparison … continue reading